Crushable Combo

Crushable Combo

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These beers embody the legendary words of our friend Tory of Left Field Brewing: "All drinkin', no thinkin'". 

Six crushable beers meant to be guzzled in the sunshine. 

1 x Left Field - Ice Cold Beer (100% Ontario Ale) 355mL / 4.5%

A crisp and refreshing all-natural craft ale made with 100% Ontario ingredients. Well rounded, easy drinking, malty.

1 x Dominion City - Built to Last (Czech Style Pale Lager) 355mL / 5%

This beer was brewed with a decoction mash process and hopped liberally with Czech Saaz and lagered for seven weeks. Unfiltered and naturally carbonated. Firmly bitter, deliciously refreshing.

1 x Town - Chill as Frig (Light Lager) 473mL / 4.1%

Impressions of sweetness with a pleasant, high malt flavour. Dry, balanced, and sessionable.

1 x Willibald - See Thru (Helles Lager) 473mL / 5.2%

Classic, crisp, and crushable. This Helles showcases a bit more bitterness than the traditional style without sacrificing drinkability at all. Unfiltered, unfined, naturally carbed and lagered for 10 weeks.

1 x Dominion City - Town and Country (Blonde Ale) 473mL / 5.5%

Combining soft malty sweetness with a mild and citrusy hop character, this classic straight-forward ale is easy drinking and refreshing.

1 x Fairweather - Pillow Talk (New World Pilsner D.H. w/ Motueka) 500mL / 5%

Notes of honeydew, orchard fruit, sage. Crisp and refreshing.